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Raminea a1

holy ‼️ crap is this ‼️‼️ tasmania two?‼️‼️

It's Tasmania but remade
You can go home now
I should hav called it Goldania/Tasrush

(It's not very good right now but I think with a few updates it can become a better map)


Q: But why?
A: Because I said so I wanted to update tasmania but opening the vmf gave me the sudden urge to punch my computer and go to sleep, also the map's a bit flawed in multiple ways and hard to update due to awful brushwork

Q: This looks/plays exactly like tasmania, why make a new map?
A: Read above plus updating a map that's in Beta out of nowhere with completely new gameplay and A1 tier visuals is not a very good idea and might divide people who like the map into two categories (or more)

Q: This looks/plays nothing like tasmania, why call it a tasmania redux?
A: I tried okay? also the other map has flaws as the first answer indicates

Q: Are you ever gonna make a non symmetrical map
A: We get there when we get there

Q: Is Raminea a location in (real) Tasmania that just like koth_tasmania looks nothing like the real thing?
A: Yes! what a specific question dear questioner!

Q: I don't like this map
A: *Throws you into an active volcano*

Q: I like this map
A: Ok

Q: I feel indifferent about this map
A: ok.

Q: Are you gonna quit for 5 months out of nowhere again?
A: hopefully not

Q: Are we done here?
A: Yes. *door slam*
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