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Dachsnel A4

A/D Bite sized Steel Badlands looking Dustbowl clone a la Mountainlab 3CP

Small linear 3 Points A/D
Conceived and released in under 16 hours
Map signature: "One of our employees ordered five times more arrow signs than necessary"

Number of times last has been reworked: [2]

The map might be chokier than it needs to be Changed

All buildings were made first with Nodraw and later changed into dev texture, they should look like (cp_)Steel themed buildings

Pickup overlays were laid lazily, they will be readjusted in the future

It is heavily optimized and should run smoothly in MOST parts of the map

This is my first public A/D map after 2 unreleased attempts

Blu spawn could use another exit Added, Red spawn could be relocated Relocated twice

There is no forward Blu spawn but I'm considering it Added

Pickups may be too large, if this proves to be the case they will be nerfed

Better and dynamic Observer points (Spectator cameras) will be added

Dachsnel means absolutely nothing and randomly popped up in my head.
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First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

More downloads from spruce

Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4 released

    New update for Dachsnel, changes include: - Added forward spawn for Red behind B, it is locked and disabled after B is captured - Reduced starting timer and point capture timer increase - Shifted spawn wave timers and capture times again -...
  2. Alpha 3 release

    New update for Dachsnel, changes include: - HUD Points now have letters - Point A's walls have been made thinner to properly represent a wooden building and add more space - Added a one-way gate to the high cave flank from Point A to B Courtyard...
  3. Alpha 2 release

    New Dachsnel update, changes include: - Reworked Blu Spawn to Point A area for better pathing. - Edited Point A to allow for more freedom. - Added third exit (high cave flank) to Point A to access the Point B courtyard. - Edited B courtyard to...