Railyard A7B

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-The size of the crane building has been decreased to make the surrounding areas less chokey, also filled in the bottom part to stop it from being massive

-Underground passage has been increased in size to limit the effectiveness of explosive classes

-filled in sniper room as it was way too big, also added medium medkit and ammo there

-Medkit and ammo near flatcar have been moved closer to the point

-Added hazard tape around the point to show where it can be capped

-Replaced metal barrier with brush on sniper deck so that it can't be abused

-Fixed clipping to stop building atop spawn

-Train has been switched from Freyas train prefab to a custom one, gates no longer open and there aren't any warning lights, but this means that there are now team specific trains and they are longer.

-Changed name to "Railyard" from "Trainyard" since another map from 6 years ago uses "Trainyard"

-Decreased the size of the courtyard

-Added decals to improve looks

-Added some custom props from

-Probably some more tweaks i'm forgetting about