Railyard A7B

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It's been over two years since I've last worked on this map so I've forgotten about what works and what doesn't. This is just a little update to fix some glaring issues and bring it up to speed.
  • Removed the majority of the detailing and signs, out of place for an alpha.
  • Removed all custom assets, these were cool but unneeded in alpha.
  • Minor geometry changes and fixed the huge sightlines on the point (oops).
  • Map is now daytime again, skybox was cool but lighting everything up was a pain.
  • Redid all the lights to make them better on the eyes.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot.


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It turns out that cubemaps caused compile pal to compile without packing, repacking or the navmesh. Because of this the map was broken since the skybox and some props were not included with the map. I have been unable to figure out why cubemaps break Compile Pal, so the map is now using default cubemaps instead. So reflections and such will not be as accurate until I figure out the issue.
This version has some big changes, since A6 played very nicely I'm doing some experimental layout changes, If it doesn't play well I can just fall back to A6. The main focus of this release is to make the underground area less overpowered, and to give the attackers more ways to attack the point so that retakes are easier.


-Removed the train that crosses the point as buildings got in the way :(

-Changed the skybox from badlands to sky_twilight_01 by Void (Lighting settings have also been changed to reflect this)

-The underground area has been made much smaller, now only has 2 ways to get in instead of 4, also the amount of health in it has been decreased from 2 medium kits to 2 small kits

-The floor under the point is now glass so that players can see if a person is in the underground area

-Did a very small amount of artpass in places that I know I won't change

-The buildings beside the point are now much larger and exit closer to the point

-The raised up area between the main building and the one beside the point is now raised up even higher

-Moved health and ammo around

-Added windows

-Now with proper cubemaps!

-Added more signs and made slight changes to the current ones

-Railings now are non solid and have a player clip covering them to let projectiles pass

-Lightbulbs are now non-solid

-Spawns are now a tiny bit more compact

-Added small amounts of detailing in some places

-A brand new route to get to mid!

-The exit from the building near point is now closer to the point, also the building is a bit thicker

-Closed up main door in mid building, opened up the side to compensate

-Messed with sightlines some more by moving the train cars once again. Now they are closer to their original position

-Tightened up mid as it was too wide before

-Fixed an exploit where players could stand on top of the train gates

-The underground area is now higher up

-Some other changes that I am forgetting

-Massive changes to connector, spawn, courtyard, added lots of height variation

-Added a building to the right side of the map

-Added signs to guide players to the point and decoration

-Added decorative billboard

-Added lighting settings from badlands

-Now with HDR!

-More minor texture adjustments

-Fixed a 1 unit gap in a wall

-More sightline adjustments

-Removed sliding doors in main buildings

-Dimmed some lights to stop areas of the map from being incredibly bright

-Minor texture adjustments

-Added medium health and ammo on bottom floor of main building, and small health and ammo on the top floor

-Nav file is now included with the map

-Removed custom props to reduce filesize

-Repacked map to further reduce filesize

-Removed decorative props to improve compile times and make map edits faster

-Redid the entire main building and sniper area to make sight-lines less overpowered and encourage varied sniping positions

-Added more space between main building and transition building

-Changed the passageway to the sniper area into one for the main building

-Removed a lot of dead space to make the map smaller

-Moved the train cars near the point to open up the point

-Removed props that were causing compile errors

-Changed out the textures to white with team colored roofs and floors

-Reduced the lighting brightness to compensate for the brightened walls

-Added a single security camera prop cause why not

-Added patches under health and ammo

-Adjusted geometry, made a lot of walls thinner

-Redid entire sewers, made them much more open, added more ways in and out, made small health and ammo medium

-Moved health and ammo near point back since the sewers now have more pickups

-Changed train kill icon from generic to train

-Added more props

-Changed some textures

-Fixed the train crashing everyone

-Adjusted clipping

-Removed water in the lower path

-Increased the capzone size significantly

-Re-added frame around crane