Promountain A3

Pro version of Thundermountain's first stage (and first stage only).

  1. Mâché
    An experiment to see how 2-point payload could operate in a competitive setting. Thundermountain's first stage had the most potential for a pro version, in my opinion.

    Changes from the original to the pro version:
    -Made it day time and much brighter
    -Made it more alpine
    -Removed the thunder noises
    -Removed the taunting mercenaries in the window at BLU's spawn
    -Added a new flank connecting the first far left area (BLU's perspective) to what used to be a decorative metal gate in the second section (see screenshots)
    -Made the bridge that raised after the first point is capped already raised (no more waiting!)
    -Added new doors to RED's spawn to prevent spawncamping (or at least make it more difficult)
    -More? I forget, lmao

    SCREENSHOTS (note: this was in a previous version that was less bright, but relatively the same as this one)
    20161029140435_1.jpg 20161029140450_1.jpg 20161029150124_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Some important(ish) changes