pocciya a4


  1. changes in A and C mostly

    Joseph joestar
    - In A area a big door was added, the intention is to initially block sightlines and encourage blu to use the right flank route
    - The bottom door to B flank was deleted, since it mostly allowed reds to take control of it and basicly deny it for blu
    - The building in C has expanded further to the cliff. It's supposed to be a high flank for blu
    - C got slightly bigger
    - the room right from B got bigger

    D wasn't touched now. I'll definetly change it, since it's just a one big issue. I'm...
  2. A and B point tweaks

    Joseph joestar
    - the "sentry room" on the left from the point got opened from one side to encourage going inside for blu
    - the right white... structures before A got risen up, again in hopes that blu would have some advantage
    - the B section of the map got slightly widened
    - the B sideroute on left got risen up
    - near B a ramp from the bottom to the other side was added.
    - the flank door near B was slightly changed

    C and D weren't realy toutched upon, I want to firstly focus on the first two points. If...
  3. HOW

    Joseph joestar
    - ammo and health packs are smaller near the 3rd point
    just... -now it can be tested normaly
  4. but if you close your eyes...

    Joseph joestar
    does it almost feel like nothing changed at al?

    Honestly, it's been like half a year since I did... anything, for that matter. I don't remember what was happening in a1, and I felt like it needed some changes nontheless...

    So I remade it. Basicly
    Because it seems reasonable.
  5. almost nothing

    Joseph joestar
    only a few stuff tweaked.
    and teams should swap after red win.

    If it is too big
    I dunno
  6. Prop crash fix

    Joseph joestar
    Some props on the map caused the game to crash. They are yeeted now from the map.