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pocciya a4


there were once some images, but they were outdated, so now there're none, unfortunatelly.
I don't know what to write there.
I hope it's somewhat good.
I hope.
Joseph joestar
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Latest updates

  1. changes in A and C mostly

    - In A area a big door was added, the intention is to initially block sightlines and encourage blu to use the right flank route - The bottom door to B flank was deleted, since it mostly allowed reds to take control of it and basicly deny it for...
  2. A and B point tweaks

    - the "sentry room" on the left from the point got opened from one side to encourage going inside for blu - the right white... structures before A got risen up, again in hopes that blu would have some advantage - the B section of the map got...
  3. HOW

    - THE RESPAWN TIME IS 75 SECONDS NOW, NOT 15 how - ammo and health packs are smaller near the 3rd point just... -now it can be tested normaly