plr_traincartbomb b1a

Yoshi's 2021 April fools map

  1. b1 fix

    removed a random floating brush that was causing the carts to get stuck and made the map unplayable
  2. Beta 1

    Massive map detail update, not going to bother listing what's been detailed cause the whole map has been. Just assume the whole map is a bit different now.

    + Added pickups in the flank buildings next to the spawns. mildly concerned they'll get abused, but they're in the open enough that I think anybody camping them will be spotted easily
  3. Alpha 3

    The version submitted for the 2021 april fools event.

    added height varaition and reworked the side building to not have garbage stairs, also added an overhead bridge so demos can't just jump the whole map
  4. alpha 2

    Redid the map including reworking certain logic
    cart paths now go in a way that encourages interactions with the enemy team