Plaza A6b

Koth map based in a urban area

  1. just a quickie

    Dan On Yernan
    • added info_observer_points
  2. more filling in, smoother to move around

    Dan On Yernan
    • added stuff to plaza area
    • new bit behind point
    • dont have to crouch to get to route anymore
    • more resupply lockers
    • other changes to make walking easier
    • chairs
  3. remade map

    Dan On Yernan
    I remade the map, but kept the same general layout for the following reasons:
    1. the brushes were really misaligned and hard to work with
    2. the mid was drastically underscaled
    3. probably the main reason, there was a bug in the vmf which made my textures black
    so here i am back with a lot of changes:
    • new spawn
    • new area by spawn
    • layout is more square
    • new routes
    • better optimisation
    • mid is wider
    • death pit is now a canal
    • no more canal by spawn...
  4. Widen

    Dan On Yernan
    • Push mid outwards more
    • Widened underground area
    • Cut spawn flanks by the centre of the map
    • Stairs now push out sideways
    • Other fixes
  5. more stuff

    Dan On Yernan
    • lighting
    • cutting sightlines
    • 2 extis at spawn
    • spawn is further forward
    • removed hiding spots
    • cover on point
    • more fixes
  6. weeeeeee

    Dan On Yernan
    • new lighting
    • new route to point
    • river by spawn is no longer a death pit
    • bigger cap area
    • new floor texturing
    • other minor things