pl_switchtrack A5

a payload map with a junction. thats controled by a capture point.

  1. the "its just isent the same anymore" update

    major changes
    *completly remade everything past B point.
    *completly redid the control point

    the control point
    now access to the control point is given to red and blu when the cart gets to A. rather than before where it became accessable when the cart turns the corner before A. it also stops at A untill the control point is ither captured by blu. or when a second timer runs out. this second...
  2. the "i fixed shit" update

    wow theres a lot of small tweaks i did!

    *fixed the hole in the upper tunnel near the badwater like area.
    *blocked a sightline
    *added a bit of clipping near the ramp to the sniper battlement near last, so you step up instead of just stoping.
    *added signs near the first point so ppl know where the control point is.
    *made it so you cant stand on the spinning signs near first and second.
    *the red wall/cover holding up a pathway between first and second got moved closer to first, to block a...

    *new small route
  4. the "red can maby win" update

    heres whats new.
    *added a new fancy ass orange ramp to the room on last.
    *added a fancy ass wire going from the tower to the junction so players will know that the tower controls the junction.
    *added some more walkways to last.
    *added a fence on last to stop red from standing in there spawn and still being able to defend.
    *added teleports so you dont get stuck in spawnrooms. (blu's seems to not work tho :/ )

    heres whats changed
    *made it so the doors to the tower open earlier.