pl_switchtrack A5

a payload map with a junction. thats controled by a capture point.

  1. the "its just isent the same anymore" update

    major changes
    *completly remade everything past B point.
    *completly redid the control point

    the control point
    now access to the control point is given to red and blu when the cart gets to A. rather than before where it became accessable when the cart turns the corner before A. it also stops at A untill the control point is ither captured by blu. or when a second timer runs out. this second timer starts and the main one pauses when blu captures A. when this timer runs out. the match resumes as normal. (also the announcer tells both teams "control point enabled" when the control point is enabled. the control point also shows capture progress on the hud aswell as how many people are capping.)

    "what does the control point do?"
    well if blu captures it. they will gain an extra min on the main timer. and the cart track will switch so the cart will be pushed in an area where blu team has an advantage. if blu do not capture the control point before the timer runs out. the cart will move into an area where red will have an advantage. and no time is added to the clock.

    small minor changes
    *changed the healthpack under the bridge near blu spawn from a medium healthkit to a full healthkit.
    *added another medium health pack under the bridge on reds side of the track between A and B
    *added some hints and occluders to optimize the map
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