pl_switchtrack A5

a payload map with a junction. thats controled by a capture point.

  1. the "i fixed shit" update

    wow theres a lot of small tweaks i did!

    *fixed the hole in the upper tunnel near the badwater like area.
    *blocked a sightline
    *added a bit of clipping near the ramp to the sniper battlement near last, so you step up instead of just stoping.
    *added signs near the first point so ppl know where the control point is.
    *made it so you cant stand on the spinning signs near first and second.
    *the red wall/cover holding up a pathway between first and second got moved closer to first, to block a sightline.
    *added spinning lights to last.
    *added a bit more health to last.(maby i increased the ammo? i dont remember tho.)
    *i blocked some annoying sightlines.
    *fixed an issue where you could stand ontop the slopped roofs.
    *made you capture the tower quicker.
    *tweaked the big blue wall thingy near second.
    *blocked some sightlines near first.
    *fixed blu not teleporting from the first blu spawn to the second blu spawn.
    *blocked a sightline near red spawn with a tiny wooden fence.
    *i made the hole on last deeper.
    *i added lights to the pathway leading from behind the red baracade near the hill near second, to second.
    *did i tell you that i blocked some sightlines?
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