pl_stormguard A11

Storm's a brewin'

  1. Full compile

    This update brings:
    *Some fixed bugs - I have the full compile here over the fast compile of A10b -- thank you Berry for permission to do so!

    That's all this update brings. Feedback is greatly appreciated as always!
  2. Final has been fully detailed!

    This update brings:
    *Final is now fully detailed!
    *Added a new building at last, as well as another one along the track
    *Added soundscapes around the map
    *Added props around the map
    *Fixed some clipping bugs
    *Fixed some detailing

    This will likely be my last update for C5 as my full compile is taking too long to finish (this is just fast)
    Thank you!
  3. Clipping!

    This update brings:
    *Clipping on the map! Now players won't get stuck on the few wood beams that I have sparsely detailed this map with!
    *Windows now cannot be jumped through - feedback on this aspect is greatly appreciated
    *Some areas have been kept clipped off - tell me if I should make them more obvious that they are inaccessable
    *One or two areas are free for the player to go on, giving jump classes some nice height advantage!

    As always, all and any feedback is...
  4. Detailing + remaking the layout

    This update brings:
    *Layout updates
    *Remade the interiors of some buildings
    *Completely remade a building next to Blu's first spawn
    *Added raised platforms around the first cap + a new building to add more cover and height difference
    *Added some platforms and new buildings around the raised area between caps 1 and 2 + deleted a structure
    *Added a new building next to Blu's first spawn
    *Added a new flank route next to Blu's first spawn
    *Did a...
  5. Cap 3 has been nuked!

    This update brings:
    *The complete wipe of all the space after the 2nd capture point
    *Completely new area after the 2nd cap
    *This includes a new spawn and flanks around that area
    *New dropdown next to Blu's first spawn to encourage some more flanking for spies
    *Added curved corners on the track instead of the ugly, dual 45* turns
    *Recoloured window frames to add some contrast
    *Floors are now 20% reflectivity (over the previous 10%) to make it seem less like a 'maze' and to...
  6. Complete lighting overhaul + new red spawnroom!

    This update brings:
    *A complete lighting overhaul thoughout the entire map!
    *No more of those weird light splodges on walls halfway across the level from the lamp that casts them!
    *No more dodgy shadows and ultra dark corners in rooms!
    *No more horrible white lighting, now a lot nicer to play through the map (brightness will be tweaked based on feedback)
    *Lots of signs throughout the map so the player knows exactly where to go!
    *Track improvements!...
  7. Some minor detailing!

    This update brings:
    *Some minor detailing!
    *Ground textured
    *Ramps have been textured and detailed
    *One or two small walls have been added/textured
    *Changed lighting and skybox so map is generally darker but more consistent in its lighting

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated! Please let me know of any issues you find!
  8. Pickups and spawn fixes

    This update brings:
    *More pickups around the map
    *Slight track changes
    *Moved cart away from walls and corners in some locations
    *Bridges over the trench around last to help slower classes who can't jump the gap
    *Flank added around last, connected up a flank with the area near last
    *Added a building along the track between second and last to block a large sightline
    *Added a new Blu spawn after second cap due to issues with switching to Red's first one
    *Added resupply cabinets to...
  9. Playerclips and nobuild

    Version A6
    This update brings:
    *Clipping around the map!
    *Nobuild areas on things that aren't clipped
    *Various small lighting and brushwork changes

    All and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  10. Flanks, spawns and healthpacks

    This update brings:
    *A new flank route around the second capture point
    *A new Red spawnroom at the end of the track!
    *Spawndoors and visualisers on the spawn rooms
    *Health and ammo packs placed around the map
    *Slight lighting updates

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated!