72hr PL_DR_NeonRun A1

A good warm up for not having made maps in a very long time.

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    PL_DR_NeonRun - A good warm up for not having made maps in a very long time.

    I really don't expect anyone to check out the map, and I hope not. This weekend was a terrible placement for the 72 Hour Jam for me, but I'll try my best with no sleep and a handful of hours that I could've had sleeping.

    This is definitely not my best work, rather I feel like it's my worse; however, it feels good to start re-creating concept prototypes and relearning Hammer all over again, so thank you I suppose.

    Credits: All textures are custom made by me
    John Cena as John Cena
    Stars from Nyan Cat
    And tool mapping aide Ultimate Mappers Resource Pack (Huge lifesaver to see it actually work!)

    Yet again, I would call this a prototype. Textures are misplaced, some triggers don't work properly, and an asset I created isn't implemented, everything is fullbright, and it's so sketched out... basically unfinished is the best term. I wanted to finish with whatever time I had to spare to squeeze into the jam. I apologize I couldn't put in a better effort. :(

    Quite honestly, I think I'll work on it a lot more and repost it later with better results. My love for Death Run will never die, and this amalgamation of the mix allows me to relive those glory days.

    Thank you.​
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    I'm going to page in @worMatty to give feedback on this, since he's our resident Deathrun Master. Be careful with the timing, though - this map was submitted over an hour after the contest ended.
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    I've looked over the map and have some thoughts, though since you said it's a prototype you probably don't need to hear them.

    • The two custom materials (the green and blue grids) are uncomfortable to look at, especially when looking at the ground in the distance. I suggest using larger, low density squares for most of your large surfaces and reserving the higher density grid for small areas that are important.
    • This is a Payload Race map so should have the PLR suffix.
    • Interesting concept. I like that the teams can battle to reach the enemy's buttons and take them over.
    • In reality the traps will probably have been used within the first few seconds of the round. The traps can only be used once. The deathrun component will play very little part in the map at the speed the match will go and with the effectiveness of the traps (since they will only kill one player at a time and have very small catchment areas).
    • The corridors that the payload carts live in will probably become a bit of a spam pit.
    • The map is too small. Rounds will be over very quickly, unless the whole thing devolves into a spamfest because there isn't any class-tailored architecture. The map layout is not very good for standard TF2 gameplay.. But like you said it's a technical proof-of-concept.
    • The buttons don't show if they have been activated.
    I think for a game mode like this to succeed, the deathrun component needs to be given greater sway over the progression. You want to provide traditional TF2 gameplay while mixing it up. With that in mind I think the ideal formula would be:
    • A good length of track in a proper PL/PLR layout.
    • Traps should have more distance between them and should be more impressive. You want to have a map that's PL/PLR at its core but where the deathrun component can influence the match if it's used well.
    • The battle to control each trap should be a thing.
    • Traps should be repeatable (they can be fired more than once) on a timer with a respectable delay, like ten, fifteen or twenty seconds. Trap activation and ready state should be clearly communicated to the player via warning signs, lights, animations, etc. Think Snowplow.
    • Traps with no payload in their vicinity should be disabled. This dissuades players from lagging behind or running too far ahead and wasting time in unseen places, focusing more on the payload. You could even bar access to upcoming trap buildings using doors or hazards until the payload reaches them to make the battle for control more interesting and preventing engineer nests.
    • Some traps could be automatic. Sawblades are the best example because they just sit there and spin.
    • The finale should have a deathrun component, but it should only be useable by the enemy if their payload is not far behind, or is in the same position as the enemy. You want to avoid one team focusing just on traps and not pushing their own payload or attacking the enemy.
    • Avoid memes. While they may be entertaining for children, they devalue the overall experience by dragging the gameplay down. You want to have a map with good replay value.
    Do do do dooooot!