72hr pl_downhill rc1

We tried.

  1. CrystalThePony
    A map initially inspired by upward, we took an approach to something to that effect, but went in reverse. Starting up high, and ending down low. This is a simple map which gives BLU plenty of advantage due to many downhill slopes and RED being handicapped with a single spawn at the very end of the map (Due to poor time management, this was a poor design choice on our part). This map was created with no prior planning, and many design choices were created from thin air. We still tried our best, and enjoyed making it!
    People who worked on this map with me and what they did!
    Fract - General Map Design
    - Lighting
    -Map Logic
    - Some Propwork
    Shark! - Some Map Layout
    - Design Suggestions
    - Some Propwork
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