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  1. 24Boi

    The TF2 Smissmas 2021 experience! 2021-12-20

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w4LdDMCbnA Holiday Punch and gun into Smissmas Casual! First time into the 72Hour Jam! Decided to do a gameplay video of Smissmas 2021 Casual. This is why I still play TF2, A timeless classic Enjoy! Music used: -Dota 2 Frostivus Theme Song -Dance of the...
  2. C

    Snow day with Pyro 2021-12-20

    Drawn in a couple hours by me, CrowDough (https://steamcommunity.com/id/CrowDough/)
  3. Lurem

    The Bat 2021-12-18

    THE BAT MAN!! :D Made in Garry's Mod
  4. SanekOgon

    Afterdeath Healer v1.1

    Set of two cosmetic items for Medic specially created for 72hrJam event! Includes: - The Sounds of Progress Hat - Afterdeath Coat Also soon available to download as mod for TF2!!!
  5. Fluted

    [Warpaint] Ghoultiful Ghosts 2020-09-05

    This is the first warpaint that I've ever created! Took around 4 hours so it's nothing too crazy as it was my first attempt at photoshop. This warpaint is inspired by the Ghosts that float around the Halloween maps.
  6. Fiopon

    Sandvich Chompers 1.0

    Heavy ate too many Robo-Sandviches and broke his teeth. Now he has braces! Replaces Unshaved Bear on Heavy Includes 2 LODs Paintable ...barely visible Made for the 72 Hour Jam
  7. The Chump

    Spycrab's 72 Hour Jam! 2019-08-05

    Spycrab is all ready to sell his special 72 Hour Jam! Warning: May or may not contain sharp objects. Back in my first jam entry in 2016, I challenged myself to create an art entry using only my phone. It looked horrible despite the effort I poured into it. So this time I decided to spice it up...
  8. halfpint

    TF2 Quiz 1

    INSTALLATION+USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Install 'tf2quiz.zip' Extract the 'tf2 quiz' folder inside 'tf2quiz.zip' Go inside the 'tf2 quiz' folder and double click on 'tfquiz.html'. It should open up in your browser. If it doesn't, right click on it, hover over 'Open with' and choose your preferred web...
  9. Jhoira of the Ghitu

    Fatvillany 72 Hour Jam 2019-08-05

    One of the best hip-hop albums has been imagined in the Team Fortress 2 universe with the help of the Heavy. Madvillany or Fatvillany is my 72 hour jam entry!
  10. OrangeBandito

    72 Hour Summer Jam War Paint 2018-07-29

    With the 72 Hour Summer Jam going on I wanted to make a cool little war paint of the little JimiJam lemon. Replaces Plaid Potshotter MK.II
  11. socks_

    Sentry Down! 2017-08-06

    took ~2 hours to make. I'm still relatively new to SFM, so not too many fancy effects. Basic summary: Blu Team has gotten steamrolled, and they're now onto their last line of defense. A sentry gun. One Red Soldier has something to say about this, though. I logged in using my Steam Account. If...
  12. Tagiv

    Sharpened Volcano Fragment Drawing 2017-08-05

    This is my entry for the 72 Hour Jam, i really like the design of the weapon so i took some time to remake it in GIMP.
  13. Ewber Taxi

    A Very Roasted Scout 5/08/2017 10:14 AM

    Made for the 72hr contest in 2017. I made this because I got an item drop in tf2 which is the bat outta hell, and you can apply different styles. Hope it looks good! This is also my first time entering something into any contest and this website. The scout is burnt because all the roasts he...
  14. Whoopleana

    72 Hour Spy Fan Fiction 2017-08-04

  15. Kovalsky

    Ninja VS Samurai 2017-08-05

    Ninja Scout versus Samurai Soldier. Hands versus Melee Weapon.
  16. DesmondTheMoonSenpai

    72hr To an adventure. 2017-02-13

    Pretty much gave up at this point, I just wasn't able to create what I wanted to do.. But here goes nothing
  17. CrystalThePony

    72hr pl_downhill rc1

    A map initially inspired by upward, we took an approach to something to that effect, but went in reverse. Starting up high, and ending down low. This is a simple map which gives BLU plenty of advantage due to many downhill slopes and RED being handicapped with a single spawn at the very end of...
  18. Pizzachino5768

    72hr cp_dirtnap 2017-02-12

    So, this is honestly my first actual map in hammer. This is a small 5cp map in which you do what you would normally do in any 5cp map, which is play the objective. This map was meant to have a desert theme (mostly because I hate the cold). THINGS THAT NEED TO BE WORKED ON - More Props - Better...
  19. DesolateCabbage[ICY]

    72hr Winter Pyro 2017-02-12

    I drew this neat pyro for the 72 hour jam. I'm not going to be able to use my computer too often this weekend so I had just enough time to make this. Even with the little amount of time I still really really like how it turned out.
  20. Rody

    72hr Scout's jam 1.0

    pyro tries to take scout's jam