pl_divulgence a1b

Hush hush, Don't tell them that!

  1. PigPig
    A hybrid payload map experimenting with deathmatch spaces and dynamic cart elements.
    The end goal is to have a fast and furious map: Quick rounds, fast rollouts constant action. With the map progressively becoming more red favored past the 2nd point.

    There are quite a lot of concerns I have with the map in its current state, and they will be addressed with playtesting.

    The target audience is 9v9 HL & 12v12 Pubs.

    might change the name later.


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  1. Alpha 1 B
  2. Alpha 1 A

Recent Reviews

  1. Dhonex
    Version: a1b
    Great Visuals, interesting gimmick and extremely good map in general