pl_divulgence b4b

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pl_divulgence b4b

Hush hush, Don't tell them that!

Loose lips sink ships. Sometimes those ships are somewhere in the alpine, miles away from any form of civilization.

A hybrid payload map experimenting with deathmatch spaces and dynamic cart elements.
Quick rounds, constant action.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 4 Patch 2

    Removed logic regarding capture blocking: This fixes bugs related to capture blocking. Should work as intended now. Long story: TLDR it was unrequited due to changes made out of order from one-another relating to the neutral control point Added...
  2. Beta 4 Patch 1

    Fixed players being able to stand on a weird clip near first Replaced the 2.5 point with a turn table Changed floor textures on last Switched out mountains in the skybox Added a jank failsafe to allow red to block the first capture: > It disables...
  3. Beta 4

    Please alert me of any bugs or clipping errors! A huge portion of geometry has shifted!! Closed in the 2nd point by 128 units, cut a lot of fat Adjusted high-ground cover on 2nd Removed 256 units of deadspace on first Lowered blue respawn by 2...

Latest reviews

this looks extremely awesome, love the mixed capture point and payload, and the overall level design and flow seem like they'd play excellently. cannot wait to see a final version of this.
Great Visuals, interesting gimmick and extremely good map in general