cp_blackstart a2b

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cp_blackstart a2b

Hydro electric fallacy

A 5CP map designed to give a competitive experience that defies standard convention, inspired by maps such as metalworks, reckoner, and gullywash. The map aims to be an acquired taste

Tear the map apart and Enjoy!
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Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 2 Patch 2

    Removed odd window shutter on last Fixed odd lighting artifacts on red last near point Centered mid control point and overhang
  2. Alpha 2a

    An entirely new map built from the scraps of the initial cp_blackstart using knowledge acquired from cp_sultry Notes: I still think the map is a tad bit overscaled, ill downscale with playtesting.
  3. Alpha 1 Patch 1

    This is a quick adjustment, fixing doors and making straightforward improvements. A general overhaul will take me a while due to life. Fixed mirrored shutter doors opening their opposites Adjusted flank from 2nd to mid Removed painting room on...