cp_sultry b8

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cp_sultry b8

Uh, Wow that's kind of hot

Layout made over the course of a week, Then refined some.
6s map drafted by PigPig and FlipFTW
Map created by PigPig

This map is designed around 6's
If it plays well in pubs that's probably a fluke.

First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 8

    I will likely revert a lot of these changes—a little experimental. Made corner pushing last less invisible Made scout on last out of the left spawn less hopeless Overhaul to frogbox Added 'batman' to mid Raised barrier over choke Added more...
  2. Beta 7

    Patch notes were written by @FlipFTW. Thank you! Reduced scale of mid One of the primary concerns on mid was that the distance for combat was too far. This resulted in bombs being very hard to follow up on for scouts - to help combat this the...
  3. Beta 6 Patch 1

    Widened rollout door on last Adjusted electrical meters collision(Regarding Demoman hiding stickies) Removed clunky brushwork in favor of flush walls near mid to 2nd Done for now. Enjoy!

Latest reviews

Honestly a really amazing 5CP map that I've loved seeing get played. Gameplay is top-notch, detailing is lip smack-worthy, and overall I've generally just loved playing this map whenever it comes up. Really did a good job with this one man :)
Amazing map, looks like something Valve would publish, excellent work
this map is so much fun and looks so fucking good