cp_sultry b5

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First release
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Symmetrical CP
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 5

    Very experimental! Removed tiles building on last and added window to view players rotating through spawn Completely redefined high ground and low ground on 2nd, Streamlining frog box in the process Removed lots of hiding spots and awkward...
  2. Beta 4 Patch 2 - (bab)

    Fixed blue mid-forward spawn trigger being improperly scaled Added light to window room on last Fixed team coloring on some props (Truck and red signs on last, some props) Fixed odd lightmapping mistakes Adjusted spawn times to be as follows: 8.5...
  3. Beta 4 Patch 1

    Small fixes: Fixed odd holes on mid Fixed odd lighting and clipping Improved lighting, some spots were overly bright Lightmap optimization/ quality shifts Added Metal grate by 2nd to allow players to visualize an awkward clip Fixed blue side...

Latest reviews

Amazing map, looks like something Valve would publish, excellent work
this map is so much fun and looks so fucking good