Medieval pl_cratefort a2

Fuck it. Medieval Payload

  1. MatixPL [F2P]
    Well its. Payload but with medieval twist...
    Its fast paced payload in medieval style, because "medieval is fun gamemode and payload is fun too" so why not both?
    Map is kinda open for good demoknights fights with slots for snipers with bows and a few other extras for other classes to keep them from feeling underrated.

    I hope you all will enjoy on my map!!! :)

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  1. Kiskar Fisk
    Kiskar Fisk
    Version: a1
    Medieval is a good gamemode, so is payload. Overall, this map and its concept has some amazing potential, unfortunately this map has a few flaws that I noticed. First, the cart flips around due to being in the floor slightly (at least thats why I think that it happens), the passage that the cart goes through is far too narrow.
    1. MatixPL [F2P]
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the time spent looking at the my map. In the next update I will fix the problem with the cart. I hope the map didn't cause any other problems in general.