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  1. Sonoma

    Generic Train Bumper Model v2

    This is a general all purpose edit of Hoodoo's train bumper model Let me know of any issues Credit is not required but is appreciated, edit by Phe and Sonoma The original prop was made with the intended use case being.... 1. Map has the Hoodoo Dirty Bomb cart model 2. The train...
  2. Sonoma

    Model U-Turn cart track model

    Requesting a U-turn minecart track that's about 160 HU in size. I need to smooth this out so I'm not using 32 unit tracks lol
  3. MatixPL [F2P]

    Medieval pl_cratefort a2

    Well its. Payload but with medieval twist... Its fast paced payload in medieval style, because "medieval is fun gamemode and payload is fun too" so why not both? Map is kinda open for good demoknights fights with slots for snipers with bows and a few other extras for other classes to keep them...
  4. BiiigSip

    koth Train Station 2020-09-06

    respawn rooms don't have the proper brushes to prevent enemys from going into your spawn, will be fixed in the next update
  5. pont

    Train-scale Mining Tracks v1

    all props_mining tracks upscaled by 2.5x to fit the rail gauge of normal trains.
  6. FyreDay

    Simple pathtrack question

    I have multiple track trains going over the same path track, how do I tell which train is passing over it so I can send an output to it? Thanks!
  7. JargonJC

    Track and Train Prop Zoo 2017-07-02

    I have created a prop zoo that has a lot of trains, tracks, and other railway transportation method's models. A lot of the trains in the background are custom content, some examples from various vehicle packs such as the Facepunch Vehicle Contest Pack or Frontline. If you have the custom...
  8. pennsyrail

    Train help

    Hello TF2 Maps! I have very little experience with blender, but quite a bit with Hammer. I was just wandering if anyone would be able to help me create new trucks (bogies) for the train cars and diesel in TF2. I was going to do some curving track with the train moving through it, but I want the...
  9. Corvatile

    [GUIDE] How To Make Dirt Roads

    Hiya. This is a pretty simple technique but it wasn't obvious to me at all when I was starting out mapping and I couldn't find tutorials on it anywhere else so I thought I might as well make one. You know those neat wiggly roads you see on a lot of official maps? Roads like this: Here's how...