pl_bombastic_forest a11

Payload crosses train tracks through forest

  1. Alpha 11

    +Added Points D and E, and all the logic in between.
    +Another Train has appeared
    +Added 3rd exit on RED's Second Spawn
    +Reworked logic so BLU takes over RED's second spawn for Last.
    *Misc fixes
  2. Alpha 10

    Change log:

    +Added Patches to all health and ammo pickups.
    +Added many playerclip brushes
    *Widened ramp for payload before capture point C.
    *Roofs are no longer thicc bois and are 4 HU thick.
    *All doorways are now clipped so that entering and exiting is smooth and players cannot get caught.
    *Map geometry changes to try and breakup sightlines even more
    *Increase train speed slightly
    *Train now appears more frequently
    *Changing download page to include new screenshots of map.
  3. Update 9

    Bug fix update for the payload respawning system. This time, it should no longer get stuck when certain edge cases happen.

    For future reference for those who try and mimic my system, make sure that scripted movement and allowed player input cannot overlap. Else you get events called that break the system for handling the scripted event.
  4. Alpha 8

    +Added Sewers between B and C
    +Added Health and Ammo packs around map.
    *Redid drop building next to payload respawn
    *Fixed issues regarding the payload respawning
    • Payload respawning no longer auto-wins BLU game
    • Train no longer appears during overtime. Fixes insta-lose for BLU.
    *Capping B now activates BLU forward spawn.
    *Fixed visualizer for forward spawn BLU.
  5. The "I scraped 50% of the map" update

    In this update, I scraped everything pass point B and started on it again, as what was there was horrible and didn't play well. Red should have a better time defending.

    -Removed everything beyond cp B, and started working on it from scratch. (kept the exploding train though).
    + Readded point C.
    + Added Spraywalls.
    + Sightline Fixes? (Unless they were in a6)
  6. Alpha 6

    *Reworked Last a bit.
    -Removed Blu 2nd Forward spawn.
    +Added displacements to a few areas
    *Changed B so the sight line is not as awful
  7. Alpha 5

    +Added flank near last and additional Forward spawn for BLU.
    *Slowed Train down from 1000 to 750.
  8. Update 4

    *Fixed Various bugs.
    +Added 2 Overhead Bridges to block some sight lines.
    +Extended Roof of building by Train.
  9. Alpha 3

    Finished Stage base layout. Now for refinement.

    *Fixed BLU forward spawn not functioning.
  10. Alpha 2 Update

    Major rework to area around point B.

    -Removed Red's 2nd Spawn, now 2nd spawn is Red's 3rd spawn.
    -Removed Sight line onto B for Red by adding more building to Long Roof and added World Geometry to block view.
    -Removed B sign building and replaced it with a more interesting building.
    -Removed Closed door between Blu spawn and A.
    *Reworked health and ammo pickups.
    +Added World Geometry at B.


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