pl_bombastic_forest b6b

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Fixed an issue relating to me dropping the instances into the map
packed items this time. Now last update before contest deadline hits.
+Added 15 seconds to setup time
*Reverted back to old Last.
*Lowered Final red spawn so falling off ledge doesn't deal fall damage anymore
*Removed side building on LAST to open up the space a bit more
Revert to alpha for one final major layout change. Goal of making last less sucky.
*Redid entirety of last as geometry didn't translate over well to simply replacing D's space.
+Added Building a D.
+Added Hole into wall on LAST
*Retextured locked doors to better indicate that those doors are locked and not one-ways.
+Added Some overlays
*More Texture passes
+Added detail sprites
Since we're in beta now, gameplay changes may still be present, but won't likely be as drastic as back in alpha.

+Added platform around B to give RED better chance of defending.
+Added Shed at D to facilitate RED trying to defend D.
+Lighting Improvements
-Removed over arches as there was no longer any need for them.
Beta overhaul. Map is now textured in full.
Proper lighting instead of the placeholder lighting.

Other changes may be present.
*Reworked RED last spawn and pit. Should play better now.
*Shortened payload path length a bit
*Somehow shrank file size from previous versions... Despite having more complex geometry.
+Added par-core section in-between House and cave building.
+Some Detailing...


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Added A building at last in an attempt to improve BLU's ability to attack