pl_bombastic_forest a4

Payload crosses train tracks through forest

  1. Update 4

    *Fixed Various bugs.
    +Added 2 Overhead Bridges to block some sight lines.
    +Extended Roof of building by Train.
  2. Alpha 3

    Finished Stage base layout. Now for refinement.

    *Fixed BLU forward spawn not functioning.
  3. Alpha 2 Update

    Major rework to area around point B.

    -Removed Red's 2nd Spawn, now 2nd spawn is Red's 3rd spawn.
    -Removed Sight line onto B for Red by adding more building to Long Roof and added World Geometry to block view.
    -Removed B sign building and replaced it with a more interesting building.
    -Removed Closed door between Blu spawn and A.
    *Reworked health and ammo pickups.
    +Added World Geometry at B.


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