pl_bombastic a11

The infamous checklist payload map, re-imagined

  1. Alpha 11

    - Reverted A's building to the old version, I want to see how A with the easier staircase by BLU before redoing the yard entirely
    - Widened the area the train crosses, I anticipate B will need changes anyways, but I'm hoping this is a step in the right direction.

    I'm very hesitant to move red further from the point, but shorting the length of B may be in the cards for the future. (keeping red's spawn in the same physical space)
  2. Alpha 10

    - Removed C and Last. Will return to working on them later, but I want to focus on getting A and B right enough that C and Last can actually work.
    - Redid Geometry around A to not be two blind turns for BLU, hopefully making it less of a hard hold
    - Nerfed an ammo pack in Concrete side down from Full to Medium. Engineers have enough metal.
  3. fix

    Somehow managed to compile with CP A being hidden, screwing over the map
  4. Attempted Bug Fix for a9

    discovered the payload could rollback into the area where it's supposed to respawn after getting hit by the trains, no idea if this would fix that, but I'm going to try anways
  5. Alpha 9

    - Dropped and reworked entirety of B
    Red now has a platform to get to the upper levels on A.
    The Train was moved back and now runs through much more frequently again. Should actually play as an actual hazard for BLU to deal with.
    The Area around the cap on B should be easier to hold, might be too strong with how close RED spawn is, but We'll see.
    + Detailed BLU starting spawn some
    + Detailed Yard outside of BLU spawn
    + Reverted A to older layout instead of last update's changes
  6. Alpha 8

    - Reworked C
    - Moved Spawns
    + Added Ramp for Red behind A
    + Opened flank room to spam at A
  7. alpha 7

    -Reworked last
    -changed a few medium ammo packs to large
    -added some health packs
  8. Alpha 6

    Yet another rework of last, less drastic this time, but still notable

    The cliff the train runs through has now become a blocked off path again, except when the train is running through.

    I've added a 3d skybox, and trains in the skybox. Which will effect the timings of the trains since they're now offset by how long it takes for the skybox train to arrive.

    I've also gone ahead and textured a few areas a bit more since I'm starting to feel that this is getting close to beta.
  9. minor update

    Small bug fix update, and some texturing cause boredom.

    * Fixed train sound constantly playing
    * Fixed 2nd train being able to run during overtime
    * Fixed red spawning at 2nd spawn at the start of the game
    - Removed stray clip brush that was a relic from the reverse upward cliff
    * Textured a few buildings
    + Added cubemaps to new area
  10. Update 5

    * Redid a good chunk of third
    + Added highground for RED on last