72hr Jam 2022 pd_sylveonneedshelp A2Fix

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72hr Jam 2022 pd_sylveonneedshelp A2Fix

The spontanious imagination and creation of my map

The map says it all really. This was done for the 2016 Summer 72Hr TF2 Jam. This was plan B as plan A was going to be too difficult.
DJ Sylveon
First release
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Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. Fixing The Blackhole

    This file may or may not be the same one I had before the blackhole incident. I say this because I started working on the map and didnt save it under a different name until a little bit after the fact. I never uploaded A3 during the 72hr this is...
  2. 24hour update

    Fixed Red not being able to cap Nerf sniper Redirected various routes Retextured and displaced areas Added more lights Killed Scout