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pd_amogus a4

A stupid joke made in 3 days

Hi everyone, this crap is a joke map I made for the 2021 April Fools event. Its based on the layout of "The Skeld", an among us map. Its filled with crappy memes and is not meant to be played seriously. You can deposit your points by going into the airlocks that open at random intervals. Feel free to post feedback / bug reports I will fix them as soon as possible.20210331183659_1.jpg
[GIB] Kapwiing
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. Space Update and other stuff

    Get out of my head Updated Stuff : -New Space (the old one was broken and ugly) It will probably be remade entirely again in the future tho. -Added a trigger_hurt in space so you cant spawncamp like the tiny gremlin you are. -Added a nobuild...
  2. Packed

    Since I have stupid, I did not compiled the map properly the first time, here is the (hopefully) packed version :) Nothing has changed inside the map since the a2.

Latest reviews

Pretty fun map, just needs a vent system and more textures art pass maybe from among us.
when the impostor is sus! :flushed: