KOTH Whale

KOTH Whale a6

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KOTH Whale a6

A Simple KOTH Map

Good Evening, this is a simple koth map I made to practice the gameplay side of koth. I plan on detailing it later when all the gameplay and routes of the map will be tested and balanced. Since I map a lot but dont release often I thought it would be good to try and release something for once.
I will fix feedback as soon as possible since I have a lot of free time.

As awlays, feedback would be much appreciated :)
[GIB] Kapwiing
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King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Minor fix

    I accidentaly left a hole in a wall for ne reason and I just noticed now :/. It wasnt leaking but opening a hole in an area that you are not supposed to go. While Im at it, I may also mention the small changes I forgot to note in the previous...
  2. Mid improvments

    I am trying to rework mid because some tests revealed that it was boring and too overpowered for the defending team to just stand on the point and do nothing for 3 minutes. Keep in mind that Im doing my best and trying things to balance mid. The...
  3. More detailing and small gameplay changes

    Good Evening, In this update I did a lot more texturing and detailing Changes : -More Details and Textures -Fixed the lighting (this was indeed looking pretty much like a surreal art museum) -Made the ponds big enough to extinguish players -Made...