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Get out of my head
Updated Stuff :
-New Space (the old one was broken and ugly) It will probably be remade entirely again in the future tho.
-Added a trigger_hurt in space so you cant spawncamp like the tiny gremlin you are.

-Added a nobuild around the map for sentries because people just kept camping rooms (you can still build teleporters and dispensers)

-Added pickups around the map (I will add more in the future if I need too)

-Did some clipping and minor fixes

Sorry for the time it took for me to fix all the crap in this map I was busy, I will probably add/fix more stuff in the future and as always, feedback is appreciated :)
Since I have stupid, I did not compiled the map properly the first time, here is the (hopefully) packed version :)
Nothing has changed inside the map since the a2.