Pâtisserie en Pointé (TF2-Themed Cakes)

72hr Jam 2022 Pâtisserie en Pointé (TF2-Themed Cakes) 2017-02-13

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72hr Jam 2022 Pâtisserie en Pointé (TF2-Themed Cakes) 2017-02-13

A hybrid of Source Filmmaker and digital painting to make something sweet this jam.


In collaboration with KichiART and Logan McCloud, Source Filmmaker and digital artwork make sweet, sweet love to each other within 72 hours (and 2 days before everyone's favourite Hallmark Holiday, Valentine's Day) to create some cakes based off our favourite 9 mercenaries. The combined time was 30 hours.

KichiART's Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/songofSwan/
Logan McCloud's Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hyperchaotix/

Custom Resources Used:

Cheese Shop Counter by boomsta
Pie-Raw by VLEK
Camping Scarf by Bapaul
Miss Pauling by crazyb2000
The Administrator by Rebbacus
Enhanced Demoman + Engie + Soldier by Maxxy
Stylish Spy by AyesDyef
Cupcakes by EmeraldBunny20
Cupcake + Christmas Gift by Apples
Thug Heart Candy by Astute
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Latest reviews

aaa this is so cool
uberchain i think it's time for you to make a TF2 inspired cake restaurant, because I would be one of your most loyal customers :P
The colors are so soft, like the desserts.

Im hungry now
The character rendering makes it look very offical and full of life! I noticed some of the cakes represent their characters like Pyro being burnt, Heavy having his bullets around the cupcake and Engineer's cupcake having to be his helmet and goggles. It's very cute!
First of all, Where did you get this idea? It's very unique! The execution was flawless. chacter renderings seems like alot of thought was put in because the characteristics are well shown. Cakes themselvs are brilliant. I would buy all of them. And finally, Miss Pauling is prettier with her hair :)
The idea came from themed food such as Veloce's Undertale macarons, or Tokyo's themed cafes such as the Sailor Moon or Kirby cafe's menu. Most themed foods rely on colour palette, but TF2's characters all have similar palettes so Kichi used a lot of garnishing to resemble aspects of each class or a prop of theirs. (It was also her idea to render the hair the way it came out!)

We're very glad people are enjoying the sweets and the artwork, thank you very much for the kind words and the feedback!
I can't decide which I want.
If only the Stawberry Tsar didn't have nuts in :D

I love the art and the character posing too
Beautiful! (I wish I could sample all of the cakes :P)