pass_volleyblast rc13


  1. The ImprovisE!
    Remake of volleyball in tf2, was originally made for pyros, but they changed reflect physics. All feedback welcome.
    sv_allow_point_servercommand always must be enabled to work properly.

    Map automatically reskins passtime ball to look like a beach ball.
    Scoreboard shows team respective points.

    If you want to play the map without subscribtion type into console:
    map workshop/815285527
    Ratings appreciated

    Spawns now spawn ball according to who last scored. First ball is random.
    Volleyball has too many rules, so i had to bend some - like picking up the ball. Unfortunately i found no way to make player throw the ball by itself when caught, if you have solution pm.

    The way the scoring works(in case you are confused) -> if ball is thrown or colored it will score a goal, if it is without team color, it will get sent to the other side without a goal scored.
    Visually it's not where i want it to be yet, so will do some work before i make final version.
    It has come to my attention that with tf_passtime_ball_seek_range 400 if you throw ball too close to net and there is a player to the side it will intercept it immediately. You can feel free to change the value, but that would make pyro air-blasting sometimes pushing ball away instead of picking up every time. Also On the value of 400 it is technically possible to rocket jump up and have the ball fly up to you, for solo dunking.
    Another issue, which i've encountered - If you fly too close to invisible wall and are blocked by it, you won't be able to throw the ball as it will also block the ball.

    There is a lot of changes and additions this time:
    -tf_passtime_ball_seek_range has been reverted to default 128,
    -changed 3d box scenery to include city buildings in background (not sure I'll be ever satisfied).
    -Removed the fence, but kept the invisible walls(shortening the fence still looked bad, otherwise, looked too "cagy")
    Changed the barrier between sides to block players, but not block projectiles and the ball itself(removed holographic projection).
    -Added timer for attacking, and if it goes down to 0, you die, and ball gets spawned on other side (no penalty score for opponent though, couldn't get that to work). This is meant as a prevention from people just holding the ball or doing nothing all game. First ball timer might not start counting by itself unless you get ball to other side.
    -Added a trigger which detects if a ball has failed
    -Added more spawns and changed distances between player spawns
    -removed resupply and ammo regen, making your airblast and health more important.
    -changed tf_passtime_scores_per_round to 10.
    pass_volleyblast_rc100006.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc100010.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc110000.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc110005.jpg

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