pass_volley_island 2018-03-31


  1. The ImprovisE!
    Map with working "volleyball" logic. Changes seek range depending on player count. Blocks the projectiles but not the ball. Blocks players from jumping over. Detects balls which drops on your own field.
    25 sec attack timer, if it runs out, your team dies and ball goes over to opponent.

    sv_allow_point_servercommand always must be enabled for map to work properly. If it's off, the ball size is a bit too small and it may not count scores properly.

    Map automatically reskins passtime ball to look like a beach ball.
    Scoreboard shows team respective points.

    If you want to play the map without subscribtion type into console:
    map workshop/815285527
    Ratings appreciated

    Spawns now spawn ball according to who last scored. First ball is random.
    Volleyball has too many rules, so i had to bend some - like picking up the ball. Unfortunately i found no way to make player throw the ball by itself when caught, if you have solution pm.

    The way the scoring works(in case you are confused) -> if ball is thrown or colored it will score a goal, if it is without team color, it will get sent to the other side without a goal scored.

    Changed look and the name of the map. Maybe i'll add some finishing touches, but i'm mostly satisfied with this version.
    pass_volley_island0001.jpg pass_volley_island0002.jpg pass_volley_island0003.jpg pass_volley_island0010.jpg pass_volley_island0012.jpg pass_volley_island0019.jpg pass_volley_island0026.jpg

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