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Stage 1 of a mountain-climbing multistage payload

  1. Paper_
    Stage 1 of my first attempt at a multistage map. The plan is for the map to go from a lumber mill/wood pulp plant (plus BLU's main base) at the base of the mountain, to a mining operation inside and climbing up the interior of the mountain, and finally wrapping the top of the snow-covered mountain and into RED's spytech base.

    20191024205338_1.jpg 20191024205312_1.jpg 20191024205502_1.jpg 20191024205533_1.jpg 20191024205554_1.jpg 20191024205629_1.jpg 20191024205704_1.jpg 20191024205737_1.jpg 20191024205827_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Distracting dev textures are no more