Multi Stage Panamint Springs a18

By Hanz

  1. Hanz

    Panamint Springs
    Made by:
    - Hannes "Hanz" Tirez (Author)
    - Grahame "grazr" Hinde (Author)
    - Alex "Rexy" Kreeger (Models)

    Panamint Springs was my entry for the 3rd Annual Contest. The map is based on a village called Panamint Springs somewhere in America: it has a desert environment with both goldrush and badwater style.

    The gametype is a new A/D CTF gametype. BLU is attacking, RED defending. BLU has to carry the intelligence to all the control points to win. There are 3 stages, with it each stage 2 control points. (So a total of 6 control points)

    Thanks to:
    -Shmitz (intel pedistal)
    -Icarus (entity setup prefab)
    -Acegikmo (environment gallery)
    -III_Demon (track pieces)


    1. ctf_panamint_a180018.jpg
    2. ctf_panamint_a180019.jpg
    3. ctf_panamint_a180020.jpg
    4. ctf_panamint_a180021.jpg
    5. ctf_panamint_a180022.jpg