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London a2

By Hanz

  1. Hanz


    Gametype: Standard CTF
    Players: 12-24 (32 max)
    Tom "zpqrei" Pritchard
    Hannes "Hanz" Tirez
    Bullet Crops Project
    The Construction Theme
    E-mail: tom@tom-pritchard.co.uk
    Version: Alpha 2.

    KotH London is a medium sized King of the Hill map, featuring London at night. We didn't really follow the basic layout of viaduct, the perfect King of the Hill map, to try and make a new sort of KotH map.


    1. koth_london_a10000.jpg
    2. koth_london_a10001.jpg
    3. koth_london_a10002.jpg
    4. koth_london_a10003.jpg
    5. koth_london_a10004.jpg
    6. koth_london_a10005.jpg