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  1. Hanz
    KotH Arctic
    By Hannes 'Hanz' Tirez
    Contact: hannes_tirez@hotmail.com

    Being the winner of STARs KotH contest, Arctic features the King of the Hill gamemode and was designed to be played in a 9v9 Highlander format. While the primary focus lay with this specific format, Arctic offers a good time for every amount of players.

    Thanks to:
    *The UGC admins and players for giving plenty of feedback on the map from a competitive point of view, and also for willing to use the map in their Highlander League!
    *yyler for running highlander tests
    *ScorpioUprising for 6v6 feedback
    *TF2Maps for testing it and being a great community that gives a lot of help
    And dabp for the custom skybox, but also for the great feedback, tips and hints during the whole development of the map!


    1. koth_arctic_b20001.jpg
    2. koth_arctic_b20004.jpg
    3. koth_arctic_b20007.jpg
    4. koth_arctic_b20015.jpg
    5. koth_arctic_b20023.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Yellow
    Version: rc
    Very fun koth map, alot of opportunities to attack the point as well as various methods to defending it. Pubs are good for it, but I find it more enjoyable in 4v4 rather than 6v6.