Arctic rc

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Arctic rc


KotH Arctic
By Hannes 'Hanz' Tirez

Being the winner of STARs KotH contest, Arctic features the King of the Hill gamemode and was designed to be played in a 9v9 Highlander format. While the primary focus lay with this specific format, Arctic offers a good time for every amount of players.

Thanks to:
*The UGC admins and players for giving plenty of feedback on the map from a competitive point of view, and also for willing to use the map in their Highlander League!
*yyler for running highlander tests
*ScorpioUprising for 6v6 feedback
*TF2Maps for testing it and being a great community that gives a lot of help
And dabp for the custom skybox, but also for the great feedback, tips and hints during the whole development of the map!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest reviews

Very fun koth map, alot of opportunities to attack the point as well as various methods to defending it. Pubs are good for it, but I find it more enjoyable in 4v4 rather than 6v6.