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Pacific A2

KotH map set on a beach overlooking the Northern Pacific Ocean.

  1. Defcon
    Pacific is a mirrored symmetry koth map designed for casual and competitive play. Features a unique setting and lots of height variation.

    Made in collaboration with theatreTECHIE.

    koth_pacific_a10000.jpg koth_pacific_a10001.jpg koth_pacific_a10002.jpg koth_pacific_a10005.jpg koth_pacific_a10004.jpg koth_pacific_a10006.jpg koth_pacific_a10007.jpg koth_pacific_a10008.jpg koth_pacific_a10003.jpg koth_pacific_a10009.jpg koth_pacific_a10010.jpg koth_pacific_a10011.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Alpha 2