Overflow Beta 5

Who gives a damn about a dam? Damn dam...

  1. The Leaky Update

    • Added new skill-jump areas on the corners of the point as barrels.
    • Replaced the middle booths with a single building. Medium health has been split between both sides. (May change to small kits)
    • Cliff area is now much smaller.
    • Blocked Bullet'd all the stairs.
    • Tons more clipping done on areas that should've been unreachable.
    • New 3D skybox (Not finished).
    • Detailed Generator Building Interior
    • Minor...
  2. Updated to Beta 3!

    -Placed some shrubbery around the top water areas.
    -Getting ready to detail the cliff area.
    -Considering on redoing the security booths in the level.
    -Cut down some major sightlines used by snipers being able to normally jump onto vehicles.
    -Added a ramp to the back area of the point. This will block snipers, and engineers that build in those windows.
    -Brought the ground level up near the garage exits.
  3. The Anti-Sniper Update (Ironically)

    --Areportalwindows on main warehouse windows
    --Areaportal now covers road
    --Skip/Hint Brushes are now more effectively placed.
    --Detailed Spawn Room
    --Fixed some texture issues
    --Removed some place holder props for a cement truck (Blue) and Dump Truck (Red)
    --Recolored some brushes to fit team side or to just fit the level better
    --Mirrored some missing props
    --Completely removed the straight line across the road,...