Obscurity a8

A huge sand pile, in between two large towers that cast huge shadows.

  1. Anniversary Update

    Surprise, I'm back.

    What could I have possible do to improve Obscurity? A lot.

    + Increased size of center point
    + Replaced rock cover around point with dirt piles to provide more cover from sight lines
    + Area portal and hints to optimize (wish it was more but it's a wide open map, IDK)
    + New textures for red team building
    + New Texture for canyon
    + More props in spawn and buildings
    + Left spawn room is computer room themed (just cuz)
    + Spawn rooms are now bigger (spawn points stay the...
  2. Update Polished for Portfolio

    • New Displaced Canyon
    • Busted a hole in the wall of the second floor for quicker drop-in
    • Smaller health and ammo packs
    • More crates (thus less space) on elevated platform/engine's favorite building spot
    • Edit/add boards to windows
    • Edit shadows and lighting
    • Added street lamps


    1. 20190922125230_1.jpg
    2. 20190921231818_1.jpg
  3. Wake me up when September ends

    Update: Am I done yet? :
    • Building walls are thinner
    • Building frames and support beams added for fanciness
    • Displacement rebuild again now that I know about the vector tool
    • Walls are put up where purposely unclimbable displacements were
    • The map's skybox boundary has been enlarged with fewer skybox elements to make the shadows run more fluidly
    • Environmental light made with less bloom/contrast
    • Added lamps in dark spots
    • Respawn time is shortened (likely too much)...
  4. Whoops, I art-ed

    Whoops, I art-ed:
    • Add a primitive 3D skybox with the map in a canyon
    • Added more fence and cactuses (cacti?)
    • Painted over the dev textures 20190823215917_1.jpg 20190823215937_1.jpg 20190823220005_1.jpg
  5. More Open, More Obscuring

    New Update, More Open, More Obscuring:
    • Expanded middle courtyard with chain fence walls and a sand-barred shed
    • Redone all the displacement for better quality
    • Edited sniping spots in towers, closing off sightlines
    • Replaced fences on cap with taller fences, closing off sightlines
    • Add another rock in the courtyard, closing off sightlines
    Next is getting a good looking skybox


    1. 20190814155603_1.jpg
    2. 20190814155700_1.jpg
  6. Displacements are cool

    I guess I can do displacements:
    - Replaced dirt ramps with displacements of sand ("it's everywhere, get used to it")
    - Made a second floor to the towers
    - Raised the low ground around the capture point
    - New skybox, lighting, and prop lights
    - More rocks


    1. 20190804235507_1.jpg
    2. 20190804235524_1.jpg
    3. 20190804235557_1.jpg
  7. New Update

    New update:
    - Upscaled center point and towers
    - Three-way exit from the spawn
    - Dirt ground with slope elevation (will be replaced with terrain brush as soon as I figure out how they work without compiler errors)
    - No more "stairs"
    - More boxes from cover

    20190727164351_1.jpg 20190727164440_1.jpg