Obscurity a7

A huge sand pile, in between two large towers that cast huge shadows.

  1. Wake me up when September ends

    Update: Am I done yet? :
    • Building walls are thinner
    • Building frames and support beams added for fanciness
    • Displacement rebuild again now that I know about the vector tool
    • Walls are put up where purposely unclimbable displacements were
    • The map's skybox boundary has been enlarged with fewer skybox elements to make the shadows run more fluidly
    • Environmental light made with less bloom/contrast
    • Added lamps in dark spots
    • Respawn time is shortened (likely too much)
    • New water towers
    • New brush made window braces on the second floor 20190904223925_1.jpg 20190904223945_1.jpg 20190904224007_1.jpg 20190904224058_1.jpg
    P.S. I'm probably not done, but with school starting, the next update wouldn't come soon. I'm in a game design program. That will explain why my first map ever made is so good. I did make an Unreal Tournament map before this but eh.
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