72hr Objective Destruction Bunker Buster b4

Destroy bunkers in a world war style. Made with frontline pack.

  1. KaydemonLP
    Map without the props packed inside of it:http://download2089.mediafire.com/hdn0xx2j1frg/xq64tdj39x0e4xf/od_bunker_buster_no_props.bsp

    In this map you have to invade RED's bunkers and destroy the cores inside of them.
    Optionaly you can capture points that when captured turn mines that are placed on the battlefield only explode when RED touches them.

    This is my second map ever made and my first map made out ouf scratch.
    I used Frontline supply drop if you want to learn about the comunity update go here: http://frontline.tf/
    for the pack: http://frontline.tf/pack.html
    To install the pack just put all the folders from the zip into the /common/Team Fortress 2/tf foler.

    Co-Workers: mazata "Gangsta Pranksta" - idea of the gamemode and inspiration for the map

    Contact E-Mail: kaidemonlp@gmail.com

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Recent Updates

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  2. For all That dont have the frontline pack
  3. HUD fixes