Rottenburg on the roof Beta 12

Rottenburg as a CP map with skyboxes that make more sense

  1. KaydemonLP
    The well known Valve map rottneburg after the robot war and the purscase of the BLU team by an unknown man the BLU team attacks rottenburg. RED continues trying to defend the local Man Co. there.
    But warning! This is my first map and it is in beta so expected bugs can be:
    -Being able to see a litle bit outside the map

    You are able to go on the roofs of the buildings.

    Special thanks to : YM, Ms. Mudpie, Tumbolisu (mustache guy),Vec0city, henke37,soosh

    who gave me advice and help.

    Atention: The administrator may not say something on other languages so if you cap the first point and nothing is sad switch to englisch.

    Some images:

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