Noodleswords v4i

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Noodleswords v4i

My first attempt to create a fun and working TF2 map.

Hey all! I recently started learning how to use hammer about a week ago, and decided to give a go at creating a map. I know it's fairly small, but this is my first project. Please give me any feedback, I want to make somethin great one day!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. New windows!

    Added new windows to point buildings Added even more clips Extended no build zones on mid building roofs even further Fixed some lighting bugs from the last version Fixed leaks from the last version As always, feedback is appreciated!
  2. Added clipping and additional medkits/ammo kits!

    Added additional full medkit/ammo kits next to the subway car in the flanking tunnels Added player clips to a lot of corners to prevent players getting stuck Resized health and ammo kit patches Fixed resupply cabinets going through walls Reduced...
  3. New flanking tunnels!

    Added flanking tunnels Added patch overlays for all health and ammo pickups Added no build zones to both spawn roofs Improved clipping on mid buildings Added door frames to most door holes Hey all! As this is my first map I'm very proud of it...