Nebulus A7b

The robots have breached the outer defenses! Time to hold the center!

  1. A7

    //Changelog A7

    //Added railing for the right upper spawn so only giants can shoot over it and removed the pillar
    //Added large health pack to the chokepoint near the rear of the map
    //changed small packs at the gate into medium ones, and moved them down so they have a bit of cover
    //moved rear left engie nest's teleporter to be in the important looking crate room
    //removed 1 way door at the front, replaced it with an opening doorway and also lowed the trigger for the hatch above so demos and soldiers can easily rocket jump back in
    //Added a small windows across from the above, with a small ledge for 2 small health and ammo packs
    //added some props the spawn room
    //Fixed relay_panicbutton, For real this time, honest
    //The Boss now only loses 3000 HP to all dispensers when entering phase 2 VS all of them exploding, dispenser HP increased to 5000

    //--Mission changes

    //added missing sandman bonk icon
    //moved swapped waves 3-4 with 5-6
    //Knockback Heavy's skill reduced to Normal, Also gave them the Nastasha to make them a bit weaker as they already stop you from moving
    //The boss has a razorback and Jarate backstabber attributes

    //Wave 3-Fixed HoK heavies as I just now realized these are massively flawed in the offical code
    //Wave 4-Some mini engies will spawn at the upper right spawn on subwave 1, so they all don't get bunched up center
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