Muertos (Kong King Event)

Muertos (Kong King Event) b2

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King of the Hill
4.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to version b2

    - Changed frequency of skeleton spawning when point is capped from 1/5 to 1/4 - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to enter the enemy team's spawn room - Added nobuild zones in front of the saloon doors at spawn - Fixed various lighting...
  2. Updated to version b1

    - Added custom models and overlays - Added more detailing, effects, and decor - Greatly improved optimization
  3. Updated to version a2

    - Rearranged architecture to improve optimization - Various aesthetic tweaks - Added the gimmick - Capturing the point triggers a 1/5 chance of releasing a curse, giving rise to skeletons - Players who die during the curse are respawned in the...

Latest reviews

I was really wanting a spooky version of Hong Kong with this one, "Haunt King" would've been a perfect name. Imagine enemy NPC's of Jiangshis chasing after everyone when the point gets captured.

I do like the idea of a "day of the dead" theme to it, it's pretty unique and I'm surprised there aren't maps based on Mexico yet.
I know this is a bit late but, this map really caught my eye. Its probably one of the more creative maps I've seen, like, ever. Thanks for making this.
now this is a scream fortress map