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  1. Dasprucegoose

    72hr Jam 2023 Regresar a1

    In this Halloween arena map, players are given one last chance after dying to return to the land of the living. Made for the 2023 72hr Jam Vscript by Floaty (made prior to the jam) I'm planning on adding a couple more mechanics/gimmicks later Content used: Arabian Market pack Graveyard asset...
  2. Rocketboi

    Koth_mexico Alpha 5

    The mercs have been told that if they could take one one of temples in Mexico they will get extra pay. I got this idea from a friend
  3. Cincomma

    Cenote A1

    Somewhere in Mexico, the mercs fight for some lame rocks around a cenote Alpha 1 Screenshots As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!
  4. Mikroscopic

    Muertos (Kong King Event) b2

    WIP entry into the workshop of horrors 2016. A KotH map set in a quiet Mexican village with a secret curse. To do: - create custom content - implement custom content - think of a gimmick