Multi Stage Mountain Edge A14

Payload Map is still set on a mountain cliffs

  1. artpass and stuff - A14

    - Art Pass'd half of the map
    textured the one of the dev texture building
    - Changed some stuff in the First Stage, BLU spawn area or more.
    - Fixed Red Players able to open the door in the First Blu Spawn
    - Fixed the Skybox Train
    it's not sticking out of the tunnel
    it's not floating anymore while going
    it's not fast anymore

    - Fixed VERY NOTICEABLE BLACK Texture in the First Stage
    - Added missing pickup overlays
    - Added a new exit/area for Red...
  2. forgot to packed - A13a

    Forgot to Packed the map,.

    File name is still pl_mountain_edge_a13.
    ahhhhh wow
  3. Alpha A13 - A13

    - Fixed Some Terrible Clip Works
    - Changed a few things in the BLU First Spawn Area
    - removed some props
    - moved the barrel that covers sightlines
    - added a wall to cover sightline idk
    - moved the Floating Cow

    - Removed that weird box 'office' thing with glass in Red Spawn Building
    - Moved Red's Spawn Points
    - New Area and an Exit for Red's First Stage Spawn
    - Two new Area Portals in the last point
    - Payload...
  4. hotfix wow - A12A

    *Enabled fog
    *Added Cubemaps
    *Added Clipping on not-collidable-railings
    *Added 2 BLU Team logos on their blu spawns.
    *Downgraded the setup time a BIT [1 second downgrade]
  5. Single Stage to ...Multi-Stage Payload - Alpha A12

    -=38 days since a11 mmreeugaHhhhhHHHH=-

    Changed Map Layout Entirely
    Changed Map Layout Entirely [Execpt thr first area]
    Changed Map Layout Entirely

    ^Changed everyone's respawn buildings
    ^Changed the Skybox
    ^Changed the Single Stage Payload logic to Multi Stage

    Optimization [poorly done, but will edit it]

    Fixed stuff that is broken from a11


    1. 20210716123708_1.jpg
    2. 20210716123727_1.jpg
    3. 20210716123756_1.jpg
    4. 20210716123912_1.jpg
    5. 20210716123953_1.jpg
    6. 20210716124025_1.jpg
    7. 20210716124108_1.jpg
    8. 20210716124140_1.jpg
    9. 20210716124152_1.jpg
    10. 20210716124238_1.jpg
    11. 20210716124308_1.jpg
  6. Alpha A11 - A11

    Packed the Map properly

    *Added Rollback Hazard Overlays on the First Cart Rollback Zpne
    *Added stuff a little in the map scenery
    *Added One Way Door Triggers after the Payload cart capping stuff
    like in ypward

    Moved the BLU Player Spawns a bit
    Moved some props in the Third Payload Checkpoint Area

    ^Changed Stuff in the Third Payload Checkpoint Area

    Adjusted the Fog to about 4000
    Adjusted Optimization stuff

    Fixed the Red Players able to Loadout Change Teleport thingy
  7. hotfix wow - A10B

    - Fixed Payload Cart being slow after going in the Finale rollback zone
    - Optimization it's still laggy because the 'vvis' is set to fast ??
    - Remodeled the Finale Rollback Wood Stuff Thing
    like that one wooden structure in upward in last
    - Adjusted Fog
    - Fixed Clipping Issues
    - Changed stuff a bit in the Third Payload Checkpoint Area
    - Nodraw'd stuff
    - Added Another Rail in the Path Below Red's Second Spawn

    Current Issues;
    RED Team can teleport to their Third...
  8. hotfix wow - A10A

    map's compile options ar;
    Vvis is fast
    Vrad is normal

    - Adjusted the Fog
    - Area Portal Optimization
    - Removed Weird Clipping on RED'S Second Spawn
    - Fixed Both Team's Spawns
    - Adjusted the wood ramp near the Third Payload Checkpoint
    - Expanded the Third Payload Checkpoint Area
    - Nodraw'ed stuff
    - Removed the Wood Trim thing around the First Payload Checkpoint area
    - Added Cubemaps (i hope this one works)
    - Moved some Both Team's spawn points a bit
  9. wow reached 2 numbers in 1 numbers - A10

    >>CUBEMAPS NOT FIXED, WILL FIX IN 'a10a' idk lol<<
    >more stuff will be fixed later, or tommorow, <<,

    because i am just tired of this Hammer Editorâ„¢ errors

    Map Layout Changes
    - Removed the Tunnel Flank Route

    *Added Handrails in the Catwalk below Red's Second Spawn
    *Added stuff in the map scenery a little bit of - [ex. trees and rocks, buildings]

    Moved the Player Spawns a bit

    =Happily removed Clipping in the air,...

    The Update where i finally changed the version string and the compressed map to the download button,

    - Compressed the Map.
    120 MB > 32 MB