Moonbase 2015

Moonbase 2015 a4

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Moonbase 2015 a4

My very first published map, a TF2C map I made in 2015. Uploading for posterity.

Requires TF2C to run properly.

My first map, made before I had any clue what I was doing. Everything was built on a grid size of one, the map is a massive box with everything important shoved in the corners, half the points can only be reached by blast jumping, and overall it's just a very bad map.

I'm uploading this for two reasons. First, it's shit and I want everyone to laugh at it with me. Two, as someone who feels that they didn't really improve in the last 5+ years of mapping, seeing my first map again after all these years makes me realize that I did. My standards for a good map have just raised along with me.
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