MetroASD A3

The vicious cycle of trains

  1. Alpha 3 : Layl's Train-Summoning Banana!

    "train track lacks train summoning banana"
    -Layl, 2016

    - Futher reduced detail in unusable spaces (Detail rooms)
    - Removed alot of empty space in the metro station
    - Added a small ledge to the hole in the underground
    - Slightly reworked B.
    - Widened the hole in the underground
    - Lowered C
    - Removed both turbines in the undergound. If there are any suggestions on what to replace them with, it'll be apprieciated
    - Both the train and the metro can now only damage/kill from...
  2. Alpha 2: A Witty and Vaguely Humorous Update Title For An Update Everyone Wanted : The Movie

    - Greatly reduced detailing
    - Expanded the size of the smashed-in wall. It is now easier to shoot from/into
    - Added normal stairs to BLU's first spawn
    - Combined both RED secondary spawn levels
    - Shortened the upper level of RED's secondary spawn platform a bit
    - Moved up and lowered A to hopefully reduce quick captures
    - Removed an unnecessary locker in RED's secondary spawn
    - Hopefully fixed forward spawns
    - Replaced turbines in RED underground with newer Powerhouse variants
    - Removed a...