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Mesa A8

3CP map with a theme of Red capturing Blu's remote desert water supply to choke them in the region.

First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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  • cp_toner
    5CP that started out as a 3CP. Somewhere in here is a printer.

Latest updates

  1. Changing Last and Tunnels

    What I've done is completely changed last and changed the tunnels where the busses all were. I also updated most of the rails in the map so you can shoot through them. Also added a little pipe that scout can run along on second point. I barely...
  2. Paths and Stuff

    Howdy Ho Added some stuff and changed some stuff. Made ceiling at first higher Made cap at first bigger Added some crates to lower parking garage Added a path off to the right side of Cafe Made second cap bigger Added lunch room/ sniper roost...
  3. Paths, Cosmetics and Spawns

    Ayyyy, it's an update yay! So many things were added and changed. Let's start the list: Removed some excess curves (11 of em or something like that). Added a rounded area to first cap so red had a better foothold. Added props to Cafe Added...