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Medieval Mode w/out tf_logic_medieval Update 6

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Medieval Mode w/out tf_logic_medieval Update 6

Force melee mode and strip weapons from players (Advanced)

Wait! Before you dismiss this as a prefab exclusively for the "nightsoil" Medieval Mode, you may want to reconsider.

This prefab can be used to do a lot, like stripping weapons from players, force players in melee (so they don't T-pose), and how to mimic the small HP-kit physics seen in the Ye Olde Mode, among other tricks.

This prefab demonstrates:
  • How to enable Medieval Mode without the entity "tf_logic_medieval",
  • How to use entities to force players to drop medieval-physics health-packs on death,
  • How to create your own custom blacklist for weapons,
  • How to make a resupply cabinet not restore blacklisted weapons,
  • How to force players to switch to melee upon respawn.
Technical Tricks and Tips to Learn from This:
  • How to use "StartTouch" via AddOutput to trigger an OnStartTouch anywhere in the map. (In this prefab, used to send Kill input to weapons without accidentally sending Kill to a player, crashing their client)
  • How to make players respawn any number of times and touch a trigger flawlessly.
  • How "monster_generic" is used to simulate physics of a health kit.
  • How a Half-Life 1 entity is used to detect a player death (in order to trigger a health kit drop). (more info

Check the update history for more info.

I'm really eager to share, so I might've forgotten something. Good luck, Medieval (or non-medieval) Mappers!
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Latest updates

  1. fixed some things

    Update 6 Fixed some addoutput referencing certain entities that didn't exist. Credit to Ponka Po for telling me (
  2. Bug Fixes, Organization & Clean-up

    Deleted the teleports in favor of a trigger_multiple with OnTrigger output. (Thanks @Pdan4 !) This reduces the needed entities for this logic by like, 96+. Place this over the spawn room and it'll work as intended. Deleted the relay that strips...
  3. Additions and fixes

    Update 4 Removed unneeded condition triggers (75 and 32) from strip logic. Fixes stuttering from third person to first person when touching the resupply locker. Updated resupply lockers More efficiently deletes weapons off characters by using...