Medieval Mode w/out tf_logic_medieval Update 5

Force melee mode and strip weapons from players (Advanced)

  1. Yaki
    Wait! Before you dismiss this as a prefab exclusively for the "nightsoil" Medieval Mode, you may want to reconsider.

    This prefab can be used to do a lot, like stripping weapons from players, force players in melee (so they don't T-pose), and how to mimic the small HP-kit physics seen in the Ye Olde Mode, among other tricks.

    This prefab demonstrates:
    • How to enable Medieval Mode without the entity "tf_logic_medieval",
    • How to use entities to force players to drop medieval-physics health-packs on death,
    • How to create your own custom blacklist for weapons,
    • How to make a resupply cabinet not restore blacklisted weapons,
    • How to force players to switch to melee upon respawn.
    Technical Tricks and Tips to Learn from This:
    • How to use "StartTouch" via AddOutput to trigger an OnStartTouch anywhere in the map. (In this prefab, used to send Kill input to weapons without accidentally sending Kill to a player, crashing their client)
    • How to make players respawn any number of times and touch a trigger flawlessly.
    • How "monster_generic" is used to simulate physics of a health kit.
    • How a Half-Life 1 entity is used to detect a player death (in order to trigger a health kit drop). (more info

    Check the update history for more info.

    I'm really eager to share, so I might've forgotten something. Good luck, Medieval (or non-medieval) Mappers!


    1. medieval_logic-less_preview2.png