Majority Prefab Control Points

Majority Prefab Control Points 2022-02-18

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Majority Prefab Control Points 2022-02-18

For weird maps with distant control points

For those who want a CP-domination map like Standin that isn't all-or-nothing, this barebones prefab is for you!

This is for crazy maps where players might not reach or capture all the points in time.

To expand this to a 5cp or 7cp map, copy the points and increase the logic_compare value from 3 to 5 or 7.

The way it works is that the initial value of each cp's math_counter is 1. Captured by Red sets the value to 2, captured by Blu sets the value to 0. When the round ends, each counter adds their value to the "finalcapcount" counter, which then sends the final tally to the logic_compare.
The logic tallies up the control points controlled by each team, and a simple majority wins the round.
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